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OX BOX Village

OX BOX Municipality is a self-service delivery point of the OX Point network in municipalities up to 2000 inhabitants. It ensures fast and safe receipt and dispatch of shipments around the clock. With our boxes, we bring modern delivery to all corners of the country. The OX BOX Village is yours, we take care of its operation. So you can leave the worries to us.

Package pick-up without queues

You don’t stand in any line here. As a result, we save people time and money, box delivery is cheap.

Nonstop operation

We operate 24 hours 7 days a week. We provide short-term storage for citizens, delivery services and the transfer of items between citizens and the municipality.

Simple user interface

You can pick up your package in seconds. We develop our own software, you don’t have to worry about security issues. Our services are appreciated by people of all generations.

Environmental savings

Couriers don’t have to go house to house anymore. This significantly improves the traffic situation in the villages.

Comprehensive tailor-made services

Smart electronic notice board
Shared point for multiple carriers
AI tools for box load control

Economical dimensions

We’re not polluting public space unnecessarily. We adapt the size of our boxes to local conditions. Our boxes do not contain unnecessary advertising.

reference installation


“The OX Box is a great asset to our community because we are extremely satisfied with the operation and happy to have it in our community. We are happy to use it as an electronic official board. I also appreciate the willingness and helpfulness during the installation of the box”

Mayor of Velky Luh in the Cheb region

Jiřina Vrábelová

“For us, it is mainly a convenient service for citizens. If it weren’t for the box, they would have to commute to nearby villages to get their mail. That way they have all their shipments conveniently on hand.”

Mayor of Vepříkov in Havlíčkobrod Region

Petr Barta

We are satisfied with the functioning of the municipal box, the parcel reception works very well. The OX BOX helps us to provide greater service to the community. People do not have to travel eight kilometres to Humpolec to get to the post office. We are looking forward to other services such as the electronic notice board.”

Mayor of Stary Bříšt' in the Pelhřimov region

Václav Honzl

Frequently Asked Questions

We are in dozens of municipalities in the Czech Republic. It is about 500 metres from the border with Germany in Český Jiřetín and in the Silesian village of Hlinka near Krnov. We also help people in communities with more complex transport infrastructure.

Buying is an ideal option for you as well. But if you want to try everything out, you can rent our product for a few months, or we’ll give it to you on loan for six months.

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  • It will increase the comfort of life in your community thanks to its 24-hour opening hours.
  • Citizens will save time because they do not have to go to the post office to collect their parcels.‍
  • Reducing the last mile for delivery helps to protect the environment.
  • It will satisfy local citizens because of the possibility of pleasant, safe and fast shopping and pick-up at the place of residence.

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