trends from the world of shipments

Czech Post introduces Parcel Service to apartment buildings. It is also preparing mailboxes for family houses

12. 4. 2024

You're not at home? The packing house will offer boxes for apartment buildings and family houses

11. 4. 2024

Smart dispensers instead of mailboxes in every apartment building? Reality in 10 years, says Conteg Group boss Voláček in podcast

11. 4. 2024

Delivery box instead of post office

22. 3. 2024

Delivery boxes are appearing in villages. The manufacturer from Pelhřimov has already installed dozens of them

19. 3. 2024

Send your parcel from the box at night or on the weekend

15. 3. 2024

My little village, mail order. OX BOXY saves time and money in small municipalities

14. 3. 2024

OX Point can already send parcels

3. 3. 2024

Delivery boxes in rural areas are increasing

14. 12. 2023

Up to half of all purchases from e-shops go to the drop boxes. Another one is under construction

8. 12. 2023

Czech television

Vending boxes are booming. In villages, they could replace some postal services

2. 10. 2023

Dispensers should be accessible on foot from anywhere, says Daniel Mareš

7. 2. 2023

Interest in delivery to drop boxes has doubled in the last two years

19. 1. 2023

Economic newspaper

The Czech Republic is at the top in Europe in the dispensing boxes. But their boom is far from over

11. 8. 2022


The sharing of the dispensers is taking off. OX Point cooperates with WeDo and Balíkovna

9. 8. 2022


WeDo delivers the first package to the OX Point network

11. 7. 2022


Robotic dance for e-shops. How dispensers for the new Czech network are born

12. 2. 2022


A new network of e-shop outlets is growing in the Czech Republic. It will also offer refrigerated mailboxes

21. 10. 2021

Interview: one box rules them all. OX Point wants to change the world of parcel delivery

1. 12. 2021

The interest in gastro dropped, so they started to produce dispensing boxes. Now he's heading out into the world with them

1. 12. 2021


There are still not enough delivery boxes in our country, says Vacek, the head of OX Point. It intends to build a comprehensive network

15. 1. 2021


We're building a network of delivery boxes where you can pick up your purchase or pay a fine

8. 12. 2021


Delivery boxes were introduced by another player. OX Points will appear at hundreds of locations, the first one is already being used by Rohlik

16. 6. 2021