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The price of the shipment depends on the time it is stored in the box. The beginning of the accounting period is the time when the shipment was successfully placed in the box, and the end of the accounting period is the time when the shipment is picked up by the end customer or when the carrier takes the unclaimed shipment back to the depot.

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The carrier can choose whether to inform the end customer through its own information system or have OX Point operate this service for it. OX Point informs end customers via SMS or email.

The carrier can decide whether to generate the PIN for the end customer itself or through the OX Point system, which then returns it via API to the carrier or directly to the end customer. In both cases, it is necessary to ensure that the PIN is not duplicated with another shipment in the system.



  • It will increase the comfort of life in your community thanks to its 24-hour opening hours.
  • Citizens will save time because they do not have to go to the post office to collect the parcel.‍
  • Reducing the last mile for delivery helps to protect the environment.

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end customer

In the e-shop where you shop, select a carrier that is part of our network (for example, Balíkovna). Then use the address to locate the nearest OX Point and select it as your delivery location. A list of currently supported carriers can be found at or are depicted as a logo on the OX Point shell.

There may be several causes. This is usually because there is no capacity in the box at the time of delivery. Another reason may be the size of the parcel, where only smaller boxes are available that the parcel cannot fit into. We cannot rule out a technical fault such as an internet connection failure or a communication error between the relevant carrier and OX Point. Unfortunately, human error on the part of the courier cannot be ruled out.

Most OX Points are equipped with a payment terminal, and if your carrier supports it, it is possible to pay by card on the spot.

The carrier will take it back to the depot according to the pre-agreed conditions, which will be communicated to you. You will receive a notification before the expiration of the deposit so that you don’t forget to pick up the parcel.

Once your parcel is ready for collection, you will receive an SMS or email with a PIN to open your mailbox. From then on, you have 48 hours (this time may vary between carriers) to collect.

You certainly don’t have to! OX Points are equipped with a touch screen as standard, where you enter a PIN that you receive via SMS or email.

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