OX Point is building an open platform that aims to connect shipment recipients with their shippers without preference for any particular carrier.
We want to work with local governments and property owners to ensure that their residents have access to the widest possible range of services where they live and work.


Czech company

Development and manufacturing take place in the Czech Republic. The strategic location in the heart of Europe guarantees uninterrupted production, fast delivery, and local service.

Own hardware and software

We can tailor our products and solutions to your needs, add hardware features, customize software, or design special configurations.

Premium quality

Fully automated production ensures top quality of our products. The materials and finishes are suitable for use in harsh climatic conditions.


We operate a public network of OX Point lockers throughout the Czech Republic. We want to be an open network for as many carriers as possible. We don’t sell goods or provide delivery services.

Modularity and fast delivery

Our large production and warehouse capacities guarantee fast shipment of products to our customers, who can choose from a wide range of module configuration options according to their needs. We also offer cooling modules and modules with temperature control.

Green sustainability

We save nature and your costs. By reducing the last mile of parcel delivery to shared mailboxes, you save fuel, staff, and fleet costs, and help protect the environment.

Professional services and support

Installation, monitoring, maintenance, service, software integration, enhancements, development, customer and technical support, 24/7 call centre, monitoring centre.


Public network

Hardware, software and operations are fully in the hands of OX Point. Ideal for e-tailers and carriers who can focus on what matters the most – getting the goods to the end customer. Billing on the pay-as-you-go basis.


The hardware is owned by the partner,
while software and operation are taken care of by OX Point. Ideal for businesses that want to keep control over customer interaction but don’t want to deal with operational issues. Billing on a monthly fee basis.

Private solution

You have specific requirements for your own project. Upon request, we will modify our hardware according to your specifications and prepare it for the implementation of your own software solution. Pricing subject to an individual calculation.

Joining the network


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