High-quality parcel pickup stations with unique software enabling a wide range of applications. Variable solutions for individuals as well as for complex projects in logistics and e-commerce.

OX BOX Luggage Storage

Modern OX BOX self-service storage points offer maximum convenience. They provide much faster access than standard lockers and can be used both in public spaces, such as railway stations, stadiums or shopping centres, and in private corporate premises.

OX BOX Municipal

Solutions developed for the smallest rural villages. The hardware and software solution respects the current and future needs of the municipalities involved in this project.

OX BOX Condominium

A brand new solution designed for the last mile, developed in collaboration with Czech Post. These delivery points are designed to be placed in any apartment building and bring maximum convenience to their users for parcel pickup/drop-off right at their home.

OX BOX Kiosk

A multifunctional solution for transferring documents, keys, and other small items directly between users. It is suitable for office buildings, manufacturing plants, libraries or car showrooms – simply where documents and items need to be moved in an automated and controlled manner to reduce the need for human labor and gain more control.

A software solution is part of the delivery of the locker station. It can be connected to the customer’s information system or you can leave the service and management to OX Point.


The only delivery drop boxes on the market designed for single-family homes that have a direct software connection to the carrier, thus fundamentally eliminating unnecessary communication. In addition to the standard version with basic controls, we also offer drop boxes with refrigeration for fresh food delivery. The boxes are designed for households that use e -shops for everyday shopping.


The OX Box Mini is the first of our household products. You no longer have to drive to the nearest location to pick up your packages, but simply have them delivered to your home regardless of where you are. You will never have to wait for a shipment again, with our solution your shipments will be waiting for you.

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