Shipping and storage OX BOXes

High quality unibody boxes with completely unique software allowing a wide range of applications. Variable solutions for individuals and complex projects of logistics companies and e-commerce companies.


The modern OX BOX self-service lockers offer maximum convenience in use. They allow much faster check-in than standard lockers and are applicable both in public areas such as railway stations, stadiums or shopping centres and in private companies.

OX BOX for the Modern Village

Solutions developed for small and medium-sized municipalities and cities. Its hardware and software solution respects the current and future needs of these municipalities, which participate in its development.

OX BOX Residential house

The development in cooperation with Czech Post and Balíkova brought to the market a completely new solution designed for the super last mile. These boxes are designed to be placed in any apartment building and bring their users maximum convenience when delivering and sending parcels directly in their home.


Multifunctional solution for transferring documents, keys and small items directly between users. It is suitable for administrative buildings, manufacturing companies, libraries or car dealerships – simply wherever there is a need for automated and controlled transfer of documents and items in order to reduce the need for human labour and gain greater control.

The software solution is included in the delivery. It can be completely connected to the customer’s information system or you can leave the operation and management in the hands of OX Point.

OX BOX Household

The only boxes on the market designed for single-family homes that have a direct software connection to the carrier, thus fundamentally eliminating communication smog. In addition to the standard version of the boxes with basic controls, we also offer boxes with refrigeration for fresh food delivery. The boxes are designed for households that use e-shops for everyday shopping.

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