Welcome to the world of OX Point, an open network for everyone. We want to be close to you and bring you modern services 21. century,
that will make your life easier in today’s hectic times. You can find our OX POINT boxes mainly in the vicinity of post offices, at railway stations and petrol stations, but also in many other places in towns and cities across the Czech Republic.

key benefits

Location of boxes

The public OX Point network includes more than 300 outlets. You can find us mainly near post offices, at train stations and gas stations, but of course also in other locations across the Czech Republic – and we are gradually adding more locations.

We are open to all

OX Point is open to everyone. We own all the rights to the hardware and software, so no one tells us who to work with

Easy operation

To pick up your shipment, all you need is an email or SMS
with a PIN code.
But for the avid buyers who receive one package after another, we will soon release a mobile app.


We like green. By delivering your shipments to one location, we reduce traffic and save fuel, contributing to a better environment together with you.

The OX Point network can be found in hundreds of locations across the Czech Republic.
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